MCQs on Victorian Age Introduction

The Victorian Age (1832-1900) – Introduction

The Victorian Age in English literature began in second quarter of the nineteenth century and ended by 1900. The Victorian Era ought to correspond with the reign of Queen Victoria, which extended from 1837 to 1901, yet literary movements rarely coincide with the exact year of royal accession or death. From the year 1798 with the publication of the Lyrical Ballads till the year 1820, there was the heyday of Romanticism in England, but after that year there was a sudden decline because Wordsworth who after his early effusion of revolutionary principles, produced nothing of importance after the publication of his White Doe of Rylstone in 1815, though he lived till 1850. Coleridge wrote no poem of merit after 1817. Scott was still writing after 1820, but his work lacked the fire and originality of his early years. The Romantic poets of the younger generation, unfortunately, all died young- Keats in 1820, Shelley in 1822 and Byron in 1824.

Though the Romantic Age in the real sense of the term ended in 1820, The Victorian Era started in 1832 and ended by 1900. The years 1820-1832 were the years of suspended animation in politics. All the MCQs on Victorian Age Multiple Choice Questions and Answers are published according to the new study syllabus for the academic year 2021-22.

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The MCQs of “Victorian Age” objective questions with answers includes a critical history of English Literature from the Beginning to Post Modern & Post Colonial Literature in different posts of preferably for the preparation of NTS, FPSC, PPSC, PCS, CSS, B.A, B.A(Hons), M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D., Teachers & Lecturers Entry Tests and all other competitive examinations in Pakistan and also for foreign students and foreign study. In every post of English literature, we are waiting for your positive feedback.

The Victorian Age MCQs (Questions with Answers)


Q1. When did the Victorian Age begin in English literature?

  1. 19th Century
  2. Second-quarter of the 19th Century
  3. Both a and b

Answer: b

Q2. The Victorian Period ended in:

  1. 1800
  2. 1832
  3. 1900

Answer: c

Q3. Victorian Era ought to correspond with the reign of which Queen?

  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Queen Elizabeth
  3. None

Answer: a

Q4. The Victorian Age started from ______ with the passing of the first Reform Act, in 1832.

  1. 1830
  2. 1831
  3. 1832

Answer: c

Q5.  Which Act was followed by the Repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846, and gave an immense advantage to the manufacturing interests in England during the nineteenth century?

  1. First Reform Act of 1832
  2. Second Reform Act of 1867
  3. Both a and b

Answer: a

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Q6. In the field of literature, which years were singularly barren in England?

  1. 1815-1820
  2. 1820-1832
  3. 1832-1900

Answer: b

Q7. When there was sudden decline of Romantic literature from the year 1820, which new literature of England started from 1832 when Tennyson’s first important volume, “Poems”, appeared?

  1. Romantic literature
  2. Augustan literature
  3. Victorian literature

Answer: c

Q8. Why Victorian Age in literature officially starts from 1832 and the Romantic Age ended in 1820?

  1. Because of the work of Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus, Browning’s Dramatic Lyrics in 1842
  2. Because of Dickens’ earliest work, Sketches by Boz
  3. Because of Thackeray literary career began about in 1837
  4. All of them

Answer: d

Q9. When did Queen Victoria ascend the throne?

  1. 1837
  2. 1838
  3. 1832

Answer: a

Q10. Which Age in English literature was a continuation of the Romantic Age, because the Romantic Age came to a sudden and unnatural end mainly on account of the premature deaths of Byron, Shelley and Keats?

  1. Renaissance Age
  2. Restoration Age
  3. Victorian Age

Answer: c

Q11. Which Age exhibits a very interesting and complex mixture of two opposing elements- Classicism and Romanticism?

  1. The Romantic Age
  2. The Classical Age
  3. The Victorian Age

Answer: c

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Periods of Victorian Age:

Q12. The Victorian Age is divided into how many periods?

  1. 2 periods
  2. 3 periods
  3. 4 periods

Answer: a

Q13. Which Victorian period was the period of middle class supremacy, the age of ‘laissez-faire’ or free trade, and of unrestricted competition, extended from 1832 to 1870?

  1. Early Victorian Period
  2. Later Victorian Period
  3. None

Answer: a

Q14. The great writers of the early Victorian Age were:

  1. Tennyson, Browning and  Matthew Arnold
  2. Carlyle, Ruskin, Dickens and Thackeray
  3. Both a and b

Answer: c

Q15. The later Victorian Age writers who came into prominence after 1870 were:

  1. Rossetti, Swinburne, Morris and George Eliot
  2. Meredith, Hardy, Newman and Pater
  3. Both a and b

Answer: c

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