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Our website is based on objective questions and answers MCQs for multiple types of online degree in English literature, including B.A and M.A in English literature. These MCQs quiz tests are also practical for the entry test of Masters of English literature online and Doctorate in English literature.

By studying English literature, one can learn how to explore and analyze text. To learn and study English lessons through literature, we can become more sophisticated about a word, association, and connotation about manipulating symbols, style, and atmosphere. English Literature subject test requires understanding how language is used to construct texts is powerful knowledge. In High school and college, English literature textbooks can help students become better readers, writers, and even better human beings. By teaching literature, we begin to see literature as created artifacts of language. We become more sensitive to good writing in general.

A famous romantic age poet William Wordsworth says, “is a man speaking to men“. 

For Online all programs in English literature, our blog is also helpful because it contains all the objective questions and answers quiz test MCQs on a critical history of English literature, its background and development from the beginning to postmodern and postcolonial literature, also on different literary personalities in a different post of Englishliteraturemcqs.com. Preferably for the preparation of NTS, FPSC, PPSC, PCS, CSS, BA, BA(Hons), MA, M.Phil, PhD teachers and lecturers entry test.

MCQs on English Literature (History, Drama, Poetry, Novel, Literary Devices & Personalities)

Category Sub-Category Category Sub-Category
Anglo-Saxon period (670-1100) Critical History Renaissance Period-16th Century (1500-1600) Elizabethan Drama
Old English Period Elizabethan/Renaissance Poetry
Anglo-Norman Period (1100-1500) Middle English Period Elizabethan Prose
Puritan Age -17th Century (1600-1660) Puritan Poetry Age of Pope-18th Century  (1700-1744) Poetry of the age of Pope
Age of John Milton Prose of the age of Pope
Jacobean and Caroline Drama Age of Johnson-18th Century  (1744-1784) Poets of the Age of Johnson
Jacobean and Caroline Prose Prose of the Age of Johnson
Restoration Period-17th Century (1660-1700) Restoration Poetry 18th Century Literature Literary Characteristics of 18th Century
Age of Dryden 18th Century Novel
Restoration Drama 18th Century Drama
Restoration Prose Romantic Age Poets The lake Poets
Romantic Age-19th Century (1798-1824)
Romantic Age Characteristics The Scott Group
Romantic Age Poerty The Younger Group
Poets of Romantic Age 19th Century Prose Writers of The Romantic Age

Gothic Novel-19th Century


Novelist of Romantic Age Victorian Age-19th Century (2nd Quarter) - 1832-1900 Victorian Age Characteristics
The Gothic Novel Poets of The Early victorian Period
Jane Austen Literary Devices - Definition with Examples  Alliteration




Sir Walter Scott Simile



Poetry Forms of Poetry Poetry Genres Types of Poetry
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