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I am Amna Ali. My qualification is M.A in English Literature and my profession is Teaching. Through teaching English Literature, I have an idea to make an English literature MCQs website, to make an easier way for students who study English Literature or want to know about the history of English Literature. That’s why I come towards blogging.

EnglishLiteratureMcqs.com is my website consisting of MCQs from the beginning of English Literature, its background and development to Post-Modern English Literature Questions and Answers. These MCQs on English Literature that I published on my website are key or handouts definitely for the students of M.A, M.Phil, C.S.S, P.C.S, also for Teachers and Lecturers Entry Tests and Other Competitive Examinations. My chief concern in making this website is to provide all the course study MCQs for making it easier for students to compete well in their examinations.

Through work hard day and night in preparing these Questions Answers, MCQs from different historical English Books read by myself before going to published. I do best myself in providing these course study MCQs information. If at any way you think that the given information is not according to the context you desired or repugnant, then guide me on my contact in order to remove my weak areas.

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