MCQs on Scott Group Of Romantic Age Objective Questions

MCQs on Scott Group Of Romantic Age Objective Questions

Scott Group Of Romantic Age (1798-1824)

The Romantic Poets belonging to the Scott group of Romantic Age are Sir Walter Scott, Thomas Campbell and Thomas Moore. They all bridged the years which preceded the second outburst of high creative activity in the Romantic period. All these Romantic poets believed in an ulterior reality and based their poetry on it, they founded it in different ways and made different uses of it. All the MCQs onScott Group Of Romantic Age” Objective Questions are published according to the new study syllabus for academic year 2021-22.

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These objective questions on “Scott Group Of Romantic Age” MCQs multiple choice questions with answers includes critical history of English Literature from the Beginning to Post Modern & Post Colonial Literature in different posts of preferably for the preparation of NTS, FPSC, PPSC, PCS, CSS, B.A, B.A(Hons), M.A, M.Phil, Phd, Teachers & Lecturers Entry Tests and all other competitive examinations in Pakistan and also for foreign students and foreign study, also we are waiting for yours positive feedback.

Objective Question on Scott Group Of Romantic Age [Quiz]

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) The Scottish Poet:

Q1. Who was the first among Romantic poets, to make romantic poetry popular among the masses?

  1. Coleridge
  2. Scott
  3. Wordsworth

Answer: b


Q2. Scott’s “Marmion” and “Lady of the Lake” gained greater popularity than the poems of which Romantic poets?

  1. Coleridge and Wordsworth
  2. Wordsworth and Southey
  3. Shelley and Keats

Answer: a


Q3. Why Scott’s poetry is more popular among the young readers?

  1. For deeply imaginative and suggestive quality
  2. For having story element and the narrative power
  3. Both a and b

Answer: b


Q4. Scott best-known poems are:

  1. The Lady of the Last Ministrel, Marmion
  2. The Lady of the Lake, Rokeby, The Lord of the Isles
  3. Both a and b

Answer: c


Thomas Campbell (1774-1844) and Thomas Moore (1779-1852) An Irish Poet:

Q5. Who were prominent among a host of minor poets of the Scott group of Romantic Age?

  1. Wordsworth and Coleridge
  2. Thomas Campbell and Thomas Moore
  3. Robert Southey and Sir Walter Scott

Answer: b


Q6. “Gertrude of Wyoming” (1809) in the Spenserian stanza is written by which Revolutionary war era poet?

  1. Thomas Campbell
  2. Thomas Moore
  3. Robert Southey

Answer: a


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Q7. A Scottish poet, Campbell’ works includes:

  1. Ye Mariners of England, Hohenlinden
  2. The Battle of the Baltic, Lord Ullin’s Daughter
  3. Both a and b

Answer: c


Q8. Who wrote a long series of Irish Melodies, which are musical poems, vivacious and sentimental?

  1. Thomas Moore
  2. Thomas Campbell
  3. Sir Walter Scott

Answer: a


Q9. Which of the following is a collection of Oriental tales in which Thomas Moore employs luscious imagery?

  1. Ode to Duty
  2. Gertrude of Wyoming
  3. Lalla Rookh

Answer: c


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Q10. The poems of which Romantic poet are now old-fashioned and have little interest for the modern reader?

  1. Keats
  2. Moore
  3. Wordsworth

Answer: b

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